Key Policies for CS Graduates

  • Instructions to Change Majors or Apply for the Double Major
  • If you are interested in changing majors to Computer Science or applying for a graduate double major with Computer Science as the second major, read the below in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Current double major students do not need to reapply.

    One Quarter in Residency
    You must complete at least one quarter at UC Davis before initiating this process. According to Graduate Studies policy, "graduate students may not change their major during their first quarter of enrollment as a graduate student at UC Davis." If you are a first quarter student, your application will not be accepted.

    Preparatory Coursework
    Students must also complete the following courses and obtain a grade of an A or higher:
    • • ECS 201A
    • • Either (ECS 220) or (ECS 222A)
    These courses must be completed and the grade posted before submitting the application. If you do not have the requisite grades in the preparatory coursework, your application will not be accepted.

    Application Package
    If you have met the above requirements, you must submit your application for the graduate double major with Computer Science. Submit the following documents as a complete package:
    1. 1. Petition for Change of Graduate Major, Degree Objective, or Double Graduate Major
      • o The form must be filled out in its entirety.
      • o Mark "double major" and that you intend to complete your current degree objective.
    2. 2. Two letters of recommendation.
      • o One must be from a faculty member in your current program here at UC Davis.
      • o The other must be from a computer science faculty member here at UC Davis.
    3. 3. (international students only) Copies of all TOEFL and IELTS scores submitted with your admission application to your current program.
    Packages must be submitted as a complete packet and submitted electronically to csgradadvising@ucdavis.edu. Incomplete packages with documents missing will not be reviewed. Once a complete packet is submitted, please allow 1- 2 weeks for faculty to review your application. Decisions will be sent via email.

    If accepted into the double major, students must complete all degree requirements for the M.S. degree. You may review the MS degree requirements on our M.S. Degree webpage. Up to 12-units (3 courses) may be counted towards both the current degree, and the M.S. in Computer Science degree requirements.
  • PTA Process and Expectations
  • Expectations:

    • • The student must attend every day of class for the course they want to add from the first day of instruction
    • • The student must stay registered on the waitlist until the 10-day drop deadline
    • • If, after 10-day drop deadline, the student did not get in on their own, then the student may request a PTA following the process outlined below
    • • It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of dates and deadlines
    • NOTE: Priority will be given to current GGCS students, followed by graduate students adding an ECS double major, and then finally students outside the major

    Process to Request a PTA:

    1. 1. After the 10-day drop deadline, please email csgradadvising@ucdavis.edu with the following information:
      • • Student Name
      • • Student ID Number
      • • Course Number and CRN
    2. 2. Room capacity will be checked, and faculty approval will be obtained
    3. 3. If approved, the PTA will be created and distributed to the student within 2-3 business days

    Important Reminders:

    • • Students are required to wait until after the 10-day drop to request PTAs
      • o Requests received prior to this date will not be considered
    • • Prior to the 10-day drop, students must remain on the waitlist to see if they can get in on their own
    • • Room capacity must be checked prior to all PTA approvals (if the room is at capacity, PTAs will not be given out)
    • • Additional TA resources will not be allocated based on number of PTA approved students
    • • Final PTA approval must always be confirmed by the faculty
  • Transfer from MS to PhD Program Process and Expectations

  • Expectations:

    • • The student must have been working with the faculty advisor for at least one quarter
    • • The faculty must write a Letter of Recommendation supporting the transfer to the PhD Program
    • • The faculty must commit to supporting the student as a GSR for the first year in the PhD Program
    • • After the first year in the PhD Program, the student will become eligible for TA positions within Computer Science at the same priority level as other GGCS PhD students
      • o However, the student may NOT be a TA for every quarter after the first year in the PhD Program; at most one quarter TA per year will be allowed, including both the academic year and summer

    Process to Transfer to the PhD Program:
    1. 1. Obtain a Letter of Recommendation from the faculty advisor supporting the transfer from MS to PhD
    2. 2. Obtain a funding letter from the faculty advisor which states that they will support the student as a GSR for the entire first year of the PhD
    3. 3. Complete the Petition for Change of Graduate Major, Degree Objective, Multiple Graduate Majors, or Multiple Degree Objectives (GS301) form
    4. 4. Turn in all three documents to the Graduate Group in Computer Science either via email at csgradadvising@ucdavis.edu or in-person at 2063 Kemper Hall

    Important Reminders:
    • • According to UC Davis Graduate Studies policy, students are required to wait until after they have completed at least one quarter at UC Davis before initiating this process
    • • Students should be sure to sign the form where it says “Student Signature”
    • • If transferring from a program other than Computer Science, students are responsible for meeting with their present Program Coordinator and obtaining the required signatures
  • Incomplete (I) Grade Process and Expectations
  • Expectations:
    • • Incomplete (I) grades are to be assigned to students in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances. Academic difficulties (e.g., student choosing to take too many classes) and missed deadlines are not acceptable reasons for an instructor to assign an I grade.
    • • The instructor must inform Alyssa and Jessica via email at csgradadvising@ucdavis.edu if they will assign a student(s) an I grade as soon as they decide and at minimum before submitting the I grade to the Registrar
    • • Before the end of the quarter that the I grade is assigned, the instructor must determine what work and assessment is required to complete the I graded course for a grade.
    • • The instructor must communicate the requirement(s) to the student and also inform Alyssa and Jessica via email at csgradadvising@ucdavis.edu.

    Important Reminders:
    • • Students are required to complete their I graded course for a grade within 3 quarters before it lapses to an F grade. This is automatically processed by the Registrar and GGCS has no control over it.
      • o If an I-grade lapses to an F-grade, the student will be placed on Academic Probation.
    • • MS students with an I grade for a required class on their record are ineligible to graduate. This is a Graduate Studies policy.
    • • PhD students with any I grade on their record are ineligible to graduate. This is a Graduate Studies policy.
    • • Students are highly encouraged to complete their I graded course within the next quarter to ensure timely submission of grades.
    • • Instructors should plan to submit a grade for the I graded course as soon as the required work has been submitted by the student and it has been assessed. Timely submission of grades is important for student progress and not doing so can have adverse implications on graduation timelines.