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How Autocrats Control Internet Traffic Out of Sight

Authoritarian regimes exert control over the internet through transit networks that operate largely out of public view, according to a recent study by researchers in the U.S. and Germany. The work, published in PNAS Nexus, also shows how more sophisticated authoritarian regimes extend their influence by providing network access in poorer but politically similar countries.

A Solution for AI’s Bias Problem

As artificial intelligence gains momentum, University of California researchers are identifying discrimination in the algorithms that are shaping our society, devising solutions, and helping build a future where computers do us less harm and more good. 

International Women’s Day Spotlight on UC Davis Women in Computer Science

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, the University of California, Davis, College of Engineering recognizes women in engineering, their journey to and in the field, and how they promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

Meet some remarkable women in the Department of Computer Science, and learn how they inspire inclusion in engineering.

Kwan-Liu Ma Receives Prestigious Honor from Association for Computing Machinery

For leadership and contributions to large-scale data visualization, the Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM, has named Distinguished Professor Kwan-Liu Ma to its 2023 cohort of fellows.  

The ACM Fellow is the international association's most prestigious member grade. It is reserved for the top one percent of society members, recognizing outstanding contributions in computing and information technology or service to ACM and the larger computing community. 

YouTube Video Recommendations Lead to More Extremist Content for Right-Leaning Users, Researchers Suggest

A multidisciplinary research team in communication and computer science at the University of California, Davis, performed a systematic audit of YouTube’s video recommendations in 2021 and 2022. They tested how a person’s ideological leaning might affect what videos YouTube’s algorithms recommend to them.