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Ph.D. Student Likang Yin Wins Distinguished Paper Award

Likang Yin, a Ph.D. student in the DECAL Lab working with computer science professor Vladimir Filkov, has won a distinguished paper award from the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (ACM/SIGSOFT).

Yin received the award at the 35th annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)/ACM International Conference Automated Software Engineering, one of the top conferences in software engineering. The paper was one of seven to receive the honor this year.

The IEEE/ACM conference brings together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to discuss the foundations and tools for automating the analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of large software systems. This year’s conference, held virtually from September 21-25, was attended by more than 400 experts worldwide.

Yin’s paper, “Team Discussions and Dynamics During DevOps Tool Adoptions in OSS Projects,” addresses a timely topic: the adoption of new software development tools into modern day software development pipelines, also known as DevOps. The results can provide guidance for tool adoptions in diverse programmer teams.

The paper is part of Yin’s Ph.D. research as part of the Davis Excellent/Eclectic/Extreme Computational Analysis Lab (DECAL). The lab is an interdisciplinary community of researchers who study software engineering practice and emergent phenomenon on the internet such as online communities, open source projects and software source code.

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