ECS 165A: Database Systems

ECS 165A
Database Systems
Effective Term
2019 Winter Quarter
Learning Activities
Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 1 hour
Database modeling and design (E/R model, relational model), relational algebra, query languages (SQL), file and index structures, query processing, transaction management. GE Prior to Fall 2011: SciEng. GE: SE.
ECS 060 or ECS 032B or ECS 036C
Enrollment Restrictions
Pass One open to Computer Science and Computer Science Engineering Majors only.

Summary of Course Content

  1. Overview of Database Systems
    1. Use of database systems
    2. Data models and database languages
    3. Architectures
  2. Conceptual Modeling and Design
    1. Design issues
    2. Entity-Relationship (E/R) diagrams
    3. Mapping to tables
    4. Comparison with UML
  3. Relational Model
    1. Structure of the model
    2. Relational algebra
  4. Structured Query Language (SQL)
    1. Basic concepts
    2. Simple and complex select statements, subqueries
    3. Aggregate and set functions
    4. Database modifications
    5. Stored procedures (PL/pgSQL)
  5. Rules in Databases
    1. Deductive rules and integrity constraints
    2. Active rules and database triggers
  6. File and Index Structures
    1. Organization of records in a file
    2. Indexing, B+ tree index files
  7. Query Processing
    1. Query cost and cost estimation
    2. Selection, sorting and joins
    3. Query rewriting
  8. Transaction Management
    1. Transaction concepts
    2. Concurrent execution, serializability
    3. Recovery

Illustrative Reading

  • R. Elmasri and S. Navathe. Fundamentals of Database Systems, 6th edition. Addison-Wesley, 2010 • A. Silberschatz, H. Korth, and S. Sudarshan. Database System Concepts, 6th edition. McGraw-Hill, 2010
  • H. Garcia-Molina, J. Ullman, and J. Widom. Database Systems: The Complete Book, 2nd edition. Prentice-Hall, 2008

Potential Course Overlap
Minor overlap with ECS 166: both courses discuss database querying with SQL.

Course Category