ECS 203: Novel Computing Technologies

ECS 203
Novel Computing Technologies
Effective Term
2020 Winter Quarter
Learning Activities
Lecture - 3.0 hours
Project (Term Project) - 1.0 hours
Novel computing technologies that could revolutionize computer architecture. Quantum computing technologies, including algorithms, devices, and fault tolerance. A survey of other unconventional technologies including nanoscale electronics, MEMS devices, biological devices, and nanotechnology.
ECS 201A
Enrollment Restrictions
Open to Graduate Students in Computer Science only.

Summary of Course Content
I. Quantum computing
A. Fundamentals 
B. Algorithms 
C. Technologies 
D. Error coding and encryption 
E. Quantum and classical hybrid systems 

II. Other technologies 
A. Nanoscale electronics 
B. MEMS devices 
C. Biological devices 
D. Nanotechnology 
E. Optical and holographic computing 
F. High density memories 

Students will select a class project to explore the feasibility of a revolutionary technology. Projects will result in a project paper and project presentation. The projects will be individually tailored and will have their methodology and infrastructure adapted to the topic.

Computer Usage
Some homework will involve simulation software. Computer simulations will also be performed as necessary for class projects. 

Illustrative Reading
Selected papers from recent literature. 

Potential Course Overlap
Comparison of this course with other existing courses does not indicate any significant overlap.

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