ECS 267: Wide-Area Distributed Information Systems

ECS 267
Wide-Area Distributed Information Systems
Effective Term
2016 Fall Quarter
Learning Activities
Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 1 hour
Wide-area distributed information systems, data broadcast, multicast, publish/subscribe, service differentiation, information retrieval, Web caching.
Enrollment Restrictions
Pass One and Pass Two open to Graduate Students in Computer Science only.

Summary of Course Content

I. Introduction

  • Overview of Wide-Area Distributed Systems
  • WWW Application Characteristics, Performance

II. Data Delivery for Client/Server Architectures

  • Unicast: Basic Approach
  • Multicast: Reliable Multicast, MBone
  • Data Broadcast: Technology

III. Some Research Issues for Scalable Solutions

  • Service Differentiation
  • Information Retrieval
  • Publish/Subscribe
  • Web Caching

IV. Extended Factors

  • Multimedia Application
  • Mobility
  • Next Generation Internet

ABET Category Content

  • Engineering Science: 2 units
  • Engineering Design: 2 units

Illustrative Reading

A selection of technical papers addressing specific topics will be used. No textbook is required.

Potential Course Overlap

There is no significant overlap with any other course.

Course Category