ECS 273: Applied Visual Computing

ECS 273
Applied Visual Computing
Effective Term
2002 Winter Quarter
Learning Activities
Lecture: 3 hours
Discussion: 3 hours
Visual computing paradigms, current visualization technologies, principles of 3-d graphics, user interface designs, and exploratory visualization.
Graduate standing.

Summary of Course Content
Lectures will cover the following topics: I. Introduction to Visual Computing II. Data Types, Representation, Encoding III. Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Data Mining IV. 3D Graphics, Rendering, Interactive Techniques. V. Scientific Visualization VI. Information Visualization VII. User Interface Design VIII. Web-based Visual Computing IX. Virtual Environment X. Tools

Illustrative Reading
R.M. Friedhoff and M.S. Peercy, Visual Computing, Scientific American Library, 2000 distributed by W.H. Freeman and Company, NY, ISBN 0-7167-5059-7. A collection of magazine articles and research papers.

Potential Course Overlap
No overlap with any other course. Even though a few subtopics sound overlapping with parts of ECS 175/177/277, they will be delivered at a different level due to the audience’s non-graphics (and non-CS) background.

Course Category